Victimized and abused for stepping out of line, jailed and tortured just for question why...
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 Distro News

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bones brigade

Nombre de messages : 82
Date d'inscription : 07/10/2008

MessageSujet: Distro News   Ven 20 Mar - 20:44

The following list are the last records we received for the distro, most of them are available on our grind-shop: www.bonesbrigaderecords.com
You can contact us to: bonesbrign@hotmail.fr for any questions, reservations, post cost…
Paypal accepted.
7 MINUTES OF NAUSEA “Das Ablenker” Noisecore reduced to its basic way!!! (Ger) 10 euros
ALTAR OF GIALLO “A Bloodfeast for the dead” Horror Grind for fans of General Surgery, Gruesome Stuff Relish etc… (Spa) 10 euros
ANAL CUNT “Top 40 Hits” 40 noise grind trax ! a must! (US) 10 euros
ANAL CUNT “It Just Gets Worse” noise, provocations, screams and burning baby! (US) 10 euros
ATKA / SHIMETSU (Split CD) both bands play Technical Grindcore like Discordance Axis, Pig Destroyer, Narcosis etc… Excellent! (Ger/Ger) 10 euros
ATOMIC AGGRESSOR “Rise of the Ancient ones” Death / Thrash Demos Discography + 2 new songs (Chilie) 10 euros
BRUTAL TRUTH “Extreme Conditions demand Extreme …” Classic Grindcore Album! (US) 10 euros
BRUTAL TRUTH “Need to Control” Classic Grindcore Album! (US) 10 euros
CRIPPLE BASTARDS “Misantropo a senso unico” One of the most Violent Grindcore recordings! (Ita) 10 €
DECOMPOSING SERENITY / MICROPHALLUS (Split CD) Ultimate Gore Meeting! (US/US) 10 euros
DISGORGE “Chronic Corpora Infest” First Album Repress, a real Butchery!! (Mex) 10 euros
EXIT WOUNDS “s/t” First Album, Total Grindcore Fury!! (Pol) 10 euros
FISTFUCK “Rock’n’Roll Nightmare” Pure Gory Grind, in the vein of Dahmer!! New Album! (Can) 10 euros
FRANKIE HILL “Seven Ply Discography” Skateboard Thrash! (Fra) 10 euros
GRIDE “1996-2003” Complete Discography, Powerviolence Grindcore! (Cz) 10 euros
HATRED SURGE “Collection 2005-2007” 35 trax from Split 7”, EP. Pure Grinding Powerviolence! (US) 10 €
HEADFUCKER Rec. 7” COLLECTION VOL.1 with Impaled/Cephalic Carnage/Exhumed/Retaliation 10 €
HEADFUCKER Rec. 7” COLLECTION VOL.2 with Catheter / Unholy Grave / Captain 3 Leg 10 euros
HYMEN HOLOCAUST “Necromance” First Splattering Gore Grind album!! (Nl) 10 euros
HYMEN HOLOCAUST “Blood Feast” Second album of sick sludgy grind! Cliteater’s member solo project! (Nl) 10 euros
INTESTINAL DISGORGE “Drowned in Rectal Sludge” Splattering Gore Grind (2000) (US) 10 euros
INTESTINAL DISGORGE “A Cockwork whore Binge” Splattering Gore Grind (2005) (US) 10 euros
INTESTINAL DISGORGE “Vagina” Splattering Gore Grind (2007) (US) 10 euros
JUGGERNAUT “Architects of Deceit” Technical Brutal Death Metal Hardcore! (Fra) 10 euros
MANTICORE “Bowels of the holy anoint us in evil” First album repress, fast black / death! (US) 10 euros
MUNICIPAL WASTE “Hazardous Mutation” Moshing Thrash in your face! (US) 10 euros
MUNICIPAL WASTE “The art of Partying” Last Album, full of Thrash riffs and Slimy beats! (US) 10 euros
NASHGUL “Humanicido” 31 trax of Grindcore from all their Split 7” & EP from 03’ to ’06! (Spa) 10 euros
ROTTEN FAKE Cover Songs Compilation with Agathocles, Scrawl and 7 minutes of nausea. 10 euros
RUDI RAT Compilation N°6 (Double CD) 54 bands, more than 2 hours of Grind, Noise etc… Denak, Unholy Grave, Dahmer, Rotten Sound etc… 12 euros
SLEEP “Sleep’s Holy Mountain” Smoked Doom with Stoner touch! A Classic! (US) 10 euros
TOXODETH “Phantasms” Death Metal Classics from Mexico from ’87to’92, album, live etc…(Mex) 10 €
NO MAN’S SLAVE “Siege Mentality” Catchy, ripping thrashcore and fast blastbeats! (US) 4 euros
STREETCLEANER “Mother Curse” Brutal and Fast Hardcore, for fans of DRI, Infest etc… (US) 4 euros
BLOCKHEADS “Shapes of Misery” Vinyl Version! Pure Grindcore’s Blockheads Style!! (Fra) 10 euros
HOW / VIOLENT HEADACHE Fast Old School Hardcore Crust / Crust Grind Legend! (Spa/Spa) 10 euros
NOISE REDUCTION Issue#1 Reviews + interviews of Insect Warfare, Raw Sewage, Severe… Zine Dedicated from the Thrash to Powerviolence scene! (Written in English) 2 euros
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Distro News
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