Victimized and abused for stepping out of line, jailed and tortured just for question why...
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 SPOONFUL OF VICODIN cd out now + Distro News

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bones brigade

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Date d'inscription : 07/10/2008

MessageSujet: SPOONFUL OF VICODIN cd out now + Distro News   Mer 28 Jan - 16:28

OUT NOW on Bones Brigade Records
-SPOONFUL OF VICODIN CD (N.Y Powerviolence) http://www.spoonfulofvicodin.cjb.net
27 trax of PowerGrindingViolence from Rochester N.Y.
Spoonful of Vicodin composed of 2 members,
A style definitely different, their ThrashPowerGrindingViolence come straight from Rochester, N.Y. and show you fresh brutality & fast execution.
This cd contains tracks from 7 ", compilation, audio split tape etc.. enjoy Rotcore generation!
10 euros

-GRONIBARD “s/t” CD First Album!!!! 10 euros

The following list are the last records we received for the distro, most of them are available on our grind-shop: http://www.bonesbrigaderecords.com
You can contact us to: bonesbrign@hotmail.fr for any questions, reservations, post cost…
Paypal accepted.

CD ACID WITCH “Witchtanic Hellucinations” Twisted Death Metal riffs for Doom Metal! (US) 10 euros

CD AGATHOCLES “Grind is Protest” NEW ALBUM!!! Grindcore Fury and Mincecore integrity!!! Huge Sound and layout with all the lyrics! (Bel) 10 euros

Split CD ARTERY ERUPTION / INHUMAN DISSILIENCY Ultra Death Gore meeting! (100% US) 10 euros

CD BIRDFLESH “Alive Autopsy / Trip to the Grave” Repress of album from 1999 + 7” from 1998!!! Grind to the core to the fun to the gore to the mosh!!! (Swe) 10 euros

CD BLACK BLEEDING “The Great Satan” Fast Black Metal with Crushing Death metal Intensity! 2nd degree fast pro-masquerade! (Bel) 10 euros

CD BLOOD DUSTER “s/t” Pure Doze of Gory Rock’n’Roll Grindcore!!! 22 Trax + 4 Trax as Bonus from Limited Mcd! (Aussie) 10 euros

CD BLOOD FREAK “Multiplex Massacre” Thrash Grind in the Killer Old School way! (US) 10 euros
CD BLOOD FREAK “Live Fast, Die Young…” New Album, Brutal Grind-Thrash!! (US) 10 euros

CD BRUCE CAMPBELL “We are all Kamikaze” Delicious mixture between Insect Warfare and Mesrine! Pure Violent Grindcore, A Must! (US) 10 euros

3 Way Split CD CAPTAIN 3 LEG / WHORETORN / YEAST INFECTION Gore Splattering Grind / Grind-Noise / Hateful Grindcore (US/Fra/US) 10 euros

Split CD CATHETER / MASSGRAVE New Trax only!! Pure Grindcore in your face! (US/US) 10 euros

CD CRIMINAL ELEMENT “Guilty as Charged” Excellent Brutal Death with members of Misery Index and Suffocation! (US) 10 euros

MCD CORPORECTOMY “Within the Weak and the Wounded” Sick Brutal Death!! Between Brodequin and Unmerciful! (Ger) 10 euros

CD CRYPTICUS “They Called me Mad” New Album! Old School Gory Death Metal, Swedish Sound! (US) 10 euros

CD Digibook CYNIC “Traced In Air” Original Progressiv’ Death Metal, Back with a new Hymn of Technicity! (US) 12 euros

CD DEMIGOD “Let Chaos Prevail” Intense, Crushing and Technical Death, Their 3rd album !! (Fin) 10 euros

CD DESECRATION “Forensix” Back in stock, With The Rotted member! Fast, right to the point, Pure Detah Metal! (UK) 10 euros

CD DIABOLIC “Chaos in Hell/Possessed by Death” 9 Trax from their Last MCD effort, 100% New trax, Pure Evil Fast Death Metal, No compromises!! (US) 10 euros

CD + DVD DYING FETUS “Killing on Adrenaline” Pure Brutal Album repress + DVD with 3 shows (NYC, Baltimore, Montreal) and 1 video clip! (US) 12 euros

CD ENTHRALLMENT “Immerse into Bloody Bliss” Technical Intense, Gory Death Metal! Moshing Killer Parts and Huge sound! (Bul) 10 euros

D-CD ESOTERIC “The Maniacal Vale” Slow Depressiv’ Extreme Doom ! (Uk) 12 euros

Split CD GENERAL SURGERY / BUTCHER ABC 100% New Trax from Both bands, Ultime Gore Grind Carcass Like / Old School Gore Death, A Muist! (Swe/Jap) 10 euros

CD GORGASM “Stabwound Intercourse” Repress + Demo as Bonus !! 12 trax of Total Brutal Insane Crushing Death Metal! New Layout! (US) 10 euros*

CD GRONIBARD “s/t” First Album , Back in Stock! Gore Grind! (Fra) 10 euros

CD HIRAX “Not Dead Yet” 2 albums on one CD, 1985 & 1986, Fast Thrash!!! (US) 10 euros

CD HOODED MENACE “Fulfill the Curse” Amazing Death Doom Metal, A Must! (Fin) 10 euros

CD IMPETIGO “Horror of the zombies” Ultimate re-press of this 1992 album, Gore Death dude!! (US) 10 euros

CD INTESTINAL ALIEN REFLUX “Exogenocide” Sick Guttural Death Gore, Great Slam Parts! (US) 10 euros

CD INSECT WARFARE “Endless Execution Thru Violent Restitution” 29 Trax from Split 7”, Demos etc… Extreme Grindcore! (US) 10 euros

CD JUNGLE ROT “Dead and Buried” Pure Powerful Massive Death Metal! Excellent Album! (US) 10 euros

CD LORDGORE “Resickened” New Album, Grinding Death with Gory Groovy Parts! A Must! (US) 10 euros

MCD MACABRE “Morbid Campfire Songs” Unplugged Guitar songs with Horror story Lyrics, here the idea!! Enjoy children! (5 songs) (US) 10 euros
CD MACABRE “Murder Metal” Trax of pure Fast Crazy Murder Horror Metal!! Psycho! (US) 10 euros

CD MACHETAZO “Mundo Cripta” 15 Trax of Horror Grind ! Huge sound, Fast and riffs from real maniac!!! A Must! (Spa) 10 euros

CD MAGGOT SHOES “(f)ear Terrorism” Political Death Crust Grind, Great New Effort! (Ger) 10 euros

Split CD MASS GENOCIDE PROCESS / VISIONS OF WAR Crustcore / Screamo Hardcore Crust (Cz/Bel) 10 euros

CD MEATHOOK “Infernal Torture” Guttural Deep voice Brutal Death! (US) 10 euros

CD NOOTHGRUSH “Erode the Person” Second part of the band’s Discography, from Split with Corrupted, Sunno))), Grief etc….13 Trax!! (US) 10 euros

CD Metal Box OUTLAW ORDER “Dragging down the enforcer” Stoner Sludge Feat. Members of Soilent Green and Eyehategod 12 euros

CD REVEREND BIZARRE “Hardbinger of Metal” Extreme Doom! (Fin) 10 euros
CD REVEREND BIZARRE “Crush the Insects” Fucking Doom! (Fin) 10 euros
D-CD REVEREND BIZARRE “In the Rectory of…” Special Remastered 2-cd Edition (Fin) 12 euros

CD SPLATTER FETISH N°1 100 way split cd, 100 bands, 100% Gore Grind! 10 euros
CD SPLATTER FETISH N°2 100 way split cd, 100 bands, 100% Gore Grind! 10 euros

CD VIRAL LOAD “Decade of Deepwoods Debauchery” This cd feature re-recorded versions of songs off of all 4 cds, and will feature James King (Unmerciful) on drums!! Get ready for a pounding! FUCKING INCREDIBLE!!!! Being Mastered right now by the Legend himself James Murphey!!! (US) 10 euros

CD ZATOKREV “Bury the Ashes” Depressive Dark Post Hardcore, for fans of Amenra and Neurosis, Excellent! (Ch) 10 euros


Split 7” BLACK MARKET FETUS / IMPALER Psycho Grind in the Birdflesh vein / Old School Heavy Thrash Metal, Red Vinyl (US/US) 4 euros
Split 7” CATHETER / WOJCZECK Ultra Fast Grindcore / Political Grinding Crust (US/Ger) 4 euros
Split 7” KEITZER / DAS KILL Tortured Fast Grindcore / Original Electro GrindNoizeCore (Ger/Ger) 4 euros
Split 7” LYCANTHROPHY / KURSK Hyper Fast Screamo Grindcore / Tortured Grindcore (Cz/Can) 4 euros


LP GRIEF “Come to Grief” Limited to 666 copies, first vinyl pressing ever! Ultra Sludge, essential for all slow music worshipers! (US) 25€
LP KEITZER “As the world burns” Ultra Fast Grindcore! (Ger) 10 euros
LP M:40 “Historiens Svarta Vingslag” Hardcore Crust , great sound and real Swedish feeling like Victims, Disfear etc…! (Swe) 10 euros
LP MONARCH “Mer Morte” New Album, Limited to 500 copies, Atmospheric and Minimalistic Sludge! (Fra) 10 euros

Tee Shirt


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SPOONFUL OF VICODIN cd out now + Distro News
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