Victimized and abused for stepping out of line, jailed and tortured just for question why...
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 distro LANGT NER tapes

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Nombre de messages : 67
Date d'inscription : 08/01/2008

MessageSujet: distro LANGT NER tapes   Lun 21 Juil - 20:14

La c'est pas pour faire de la place vu que c'est des copies. Echanges bienvenues contre toutes k7!

2 MINUTA DREKA 'Rectal mafia': italian porn grind. (urethra)<br>
ABUSO SONORO 'Contra a violencia policial': Brazilian angry punk hardcore (Cryptus)<br>
ACTIVE MINDS/UNHOLY GRAVE split: benefit for anti racist actions (your not normal)<br>
AGATHOCLES ‘Razor sharp daggers’: Mince core killaz!! Yeah dude! From Hellgium! (tumult)<br>
AGATHOCLES/DEFECATION PURULENTA split: belgian mincecore vs.spanish noise punk attack (Shit attack) <br>
AGATHOCLES/TEKKEN split: Live belgian mincecore vs live french grind (vendredi13)<br>
AGATHOCLES ‘A minced retrospective’: various trax from ‘88-’03. Mince core from belgium! (D/A&S)<br>
AGATHOCLES ‘Hunt Hunters’: Mince core from belgium<br>
AGATHOCLES ‘Robotized’: ’97, trax from split CD with DEPRESSION<br>
AGATHOCLES/PLAGUE RAGES split: mincecore/grindcore from belgium and brazil<br>
AGATHOCLES/ULCERRHOEA split: Agx comp+live trax ’87 vs ULCx grindcore recordings ‘98’02. hellgium vs germoney<br>
ALL NATION DEATH 'Neo imperialism' indonesian fast hardcore (SOA rds)<br>
ANAL MACABRE/CORNUCOPIA split: Noise grind from bulgary and belgium. (Puding de pota)<br>
ANAL MACABRE/ESCTOFAGIA split: grind noise from bulgary and bolivia. Live!<br>
ANIMAL RIGHTS Comp.: Last of conflict/Flatus/Hakuchi/Dropdead/Mushroom/Attack/Senseless/Apocalypse/Toxic narcotic/Crocodile skink/Resist/Abraham cross/PUS/CFDL/Disrupt/Disclose/Fleas and lice/Chronicore/TDF/Battle of disarm/Protest <br>
ANTIGAMA/ELYSIUM split: polish grind versus French grind. (vendredi13)(almost 30 min.)<br>
ANTI MC DOLLARS comp.: Suicidal borregos/Brutal defecation/Box/Segregacion de pus en el culo/Delirious appealing manslaughter/Carne (B gore)<br>
ANTISECT ‘Out from the void’: EP + live ’86 + “In darkness there is no choice” LP, all in one tape! Cult uk band! <br>
ARAGON'S CORPSE 'Aragon decomposing' Usa ultra harsh satanic noise <br>
ATOMIC AGRESSOR ‘Ressurection’ Death metal from chile<br>
AUTOPSY 'Acts of the unspeakable': death metal (peaceville)<br>
A.V.I.S. BENEFIT comp.: Nelson monfort orchestra/ Shitnoise/ Radio bikini/ Fistfuck/ Rotten tofu/ Rabies/ Midas/ The lost cards/ Beton/ Co arse/ Gride/ Dissect/ Krap nek/ Tekken/ CTB/ Bandemort/ Mareridt/ Warsore/ Stan’s reject/ Vissions of war. (langt ner)<br>
BANGSAT/AKURAKUS split: Indonesian and malaysian grind punk (senopunk) <br>
BANZAI 606 ‘Troops of tomorrow’: malaysian crust grind (noise rds)<br>
BATHTUB SHITTER ‘demo : Japanese grind<br>
BATMAN & DAURY s/t: French noise grind <br>
BESTHOVEN ‘The best of’: 30 songs of d beat from brazil. (crop circle) <br>
BEYOND DESCRIPTION 'A road to a brilliant future': japanese crust (Blast off!)<br>
BOLT THROWER 'Mercenary': death metal (metal minds)<br>
BORNEO 3 WAY MASSACRE split : MURDEREDxBYxYOU/MATI KATAK/KILL OUR LEADER. Malaysian bands play fast! (Hilany akal) <br>
BRUTAL TERRORISM ‘discography’ : japanese grind/fast hardcore (black konflikt) <br>
BURGER KILL/WATCH IT FALL/INFIREAL split : hc punk with some newschool hints (anak liar rds)<br>
CAMARA DE GAS '2003/ 2005 Tod@s muert@s!': 33 songs of fast harcore from spain. (Hombre que mira al cielo) <br>
CARCASS GRINDER/IMPREGNATE TRICHOMONAS split: Japanese grind! Live show! (Y rds)<br>
CELTIC FROST 'live 26 oct 87': Live in Newscastle UK + demo of Coroner 'Death cult' (Kaos Ksette) <br>
CELTIC FROST 'Icons alive': 18 songs (rare shit. 12 songs have never appeared on any C F album) metal (Nervous tongue) <br>
CHAMBRE FROIDE/CORBILLARD split: french black metal vs ambient. <br>
COCKROACH 'Kakkerlakatack demo: Fast hardcore from netherlands <br>
CONTRAST ATTITUDE 'demo 1999': >Japanese noise d beat.<br>
CRIPPLE BASTARDS ‘From 88 to 91’ : Rehearsal and grind trax from this italian grind band.<br>
CRUCIFIX ‘peace or annihilation’: discography (s/t 12’+ ‘1984’+ live split 7’+ ‘deshumanisation’lp) from this 80's punk band<br>
CRUDE SS ‘studio outtakes/ live’: hardcore/ crust<br>
DAHMER ‘demo 96’: grindcore from Canada<br>
DARKTHRONE 'Hail to the goat of mendez': Black metal from Norway. (Contains the 87/89/90 demos and 2 other trax.<br>
DEATH SS 'The legend of...': horror metal. Live stuffs! (Nervous tongue)<br>
DECAYED 'Ataque infernal': Black metal from portugal (lucidistr) (30 min)<br>
DECHE CHARGE 'The best of D C' Noise noise and only noise from kanaduh! (Cadaverizer) <br>
DEITY OF CARNIFICATION 'Most impious summoning of chaos': Technical death metal from portugal (lucidist)<br>
DEMISOR/CSSO split:Malaysian grind crust vs japanese noise (bloodpath)<br>
DEPRESSION/HIERBA split: German total grindcore vs. Spanish dumb strange grind. <br>
DEVIANT 'Tools of termination': 4 songs of greek (?) brutal death. (Nuclear winter) <br>
DEVOID OF FAITH 'Discography': Us fast hardcore (Sangsara)<br>
DHIBAC 'demo 2002' french grind<br>
DISCLOSE 'Studio trax 93-95': Japanese disnoise (Insane society)<br>
DISCLOSE ‘Fear of the war’: Japanese disnoise!! (crust rds) <br>
DIRT 'Give me dirt or give me death': English punk. All their 80's releases + a live show (Nervous tongue) <br>
DISRUPT s/t: contains the ‘Sa’ lp+ demo+ split 7’ w/ Disdain+ split cd w/destroy+ 7’ ‘smash division’+ 2 bonus trax<br>
DUCKSTAB s/t: english fast dumb shit yeah right!<br>
EGOFIX ‘Eternal karma’: Really nice japanese grind! <br>
EMBRACE ZINE comp.: highscore/Endstand/Seein red/ What happens next?/ Pointing finger/ Yage/ Rydell/ Denali/ Bora…<br>
ENCUMBER ‘the repetance’ Russian grind death.<br>
EXCRETED ALIVE/FORGARDUR HELVINS split: spanish fucked up grind vs Iceland's dark hardcore grind. Really good! (Capeet tapes)<br>
EXCRETED ALIVE/JANGLE split: spanish noise grind vs spanish noise (cadaverizer)<br>
EXISTENCH ‘The cost of living’: Canadian fast grind punk!! (gimp)<br>
EXISTENCH ‘Feed the machine’ demo: political fast HC/grindcore from canada <br>
FACE UP TO IT! 'The complete 2001 recordings' Fast positive french oldschool hc (+ demo 2002)<br>
FECAL JAPAN/BATMAN & DAURY split: battle of noise and noise and noise....(creepozoid)<br>
FLESHMANGLERS 'Studio rehearsals 12/05 & 01/06': Greek gore grind (Septic aroma of reeking stench)<br>
FLESHRIPPER ‘Disgusting, living flesh’ : Death grind gore from germoney (mordsucht) <br>
FLESHRIPPER s/t: Death grind gore from germoney. <br>
FORNACE 'The man who wanted change the world': Italian death metal (Terror from hell)<br>
FOUR REASONS FOR A HEADACHE split: With Cut your throat/Terrorismo musical/Filthy Noisy Anthrope/KGB. Greek grind death and noise!!<br>
FxPxO 'Straight to the point': Macedonian fast hardcore (Suburban loser)<br>
FUCK FINGER 'Krolowa bandytow': Polish crust punk (wiedzma)<br>
FUCKLAND HARDCORE 1981-1983 comp.: Finnish punk hardcore from 81 to 83 with bands like Laahaus/Bastards/Terveet kadet/Poikkeustila/Riistetyt/Abactio/Kaaos/Tampere ss/Rattus...22 bands. (Tsr cintas)<br>
GASMASK TERROR 'Ruins...and then?' demo: french noise d beat<br>
GISM ‘Anarchy violence’: Japanese punk<br>
GOOD CLEAN CITIZENS comp: Earth today/ Project hopeless/ Abduktio/ Divisive/ Rakkaus/ See you in hell/ Destitution/ Vaarinkasitys <br>
GORE BEYOND NECROPSY 'Live and rehearsal 96': japanese noise grind. (infernal rds)<br>
GROG 'Madness horror and guts live' ultra brutal death metal from protugal (lucidistr)<br>
GUYANA PUNCH LINE ‘Direkt action from’: Angry political hardcore to da max dude! <br>
HAEMORRHAGE / MASTIC SCUM split: Spanish live gore death/grind vs austrian grind/HC <br>
HALTE A LA REPRESSION comp: benefit compilation with face up to it !/ Le club des gens speciaux/ The mustang project/ Robotnicka/ Coche Bomba/ retch/ La 5e kolonne/ Chaos zzz/ Hippies of today… (Full of shit)<br>
HATE TO STATE 'demo': Belarus crust punk. <br>
HELLBASTARD ‘ripper crust’: metal punk crust<br>
HERESY ‘Final part 2’: contains ’whose generation?’ 7’+ the 1st and 2nd peer session on Bbc + live at leeds and birmingham.<br>
HIBAKUSHA ‘Little boy, 8:15’: Czech grind punk! (impregnate)<br>
HUMAN ERROR 'Torture culture': hungarian crust grind. <br>
IDIOTE NOVE DOBY s/t: Oi!/ punk from Czech rep.<br>
IMMURED/LYCANTHROPY split: German crust vs. Czech total grindcore! (ama) <br>
IMPUREZA ‘Inquisition demos’: French death metal (Nihilistic holocaust) <br>
INCANTATION 'Onward to golgotha': Deathmetal from Usa.<br>
IN DISGUST ‘demo’ : Usa west coast grind violence ! yes yes yo ! <br>
INFEST ‘1987 demo’: contains 1987 demo songs, the 1st and 2nd 7’ and ‘Slave’ lp.(72 min.)<br>
INHUMATE/MAGGOT SHOES split: french grind vs. German loud hardcore/grind. (Maxi noise sensation)<br>
JAPURA NOISE PROJECT 'Pessoas morem': Noise grind from Brazil!! (Noise mesmo corp)<br>
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