Victimized and abused for stepping out of line, jailed and tortured just for question why...
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 Distro News

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bones brigade

Nombre de messages : 82
Date d'inscription : 07/10/2008

MessageSujet: Distro News   Jeu 20 Nov - 17:33

The following list are the last records we received for the distro, most of them are available on our grind-shop: www.bonesbrigaderecords.com

You can contact us to: bonesbrign@hotmail.fr for any questions, reservations, post cost…

Paypal accepted.


CUNTGRINDER « Only One Face of Reality” First Album, porn gore grind(Ger)10euros

CUNTGRINDER “…The Day Of Judgement” Second Album porn gore Grind(Ger)10euros

CUNTGRINDER “Escaped From Madhouse” Third Album, porn gore grind(Ger) 10euros

CUNTGRINDER “Reign Is Continued” Fourth Album, porn gore grind(Ger) 10euros

CUNTGRINDER “Funny Games” Fifth Album, porn gore grind (Ger)10euros

DRILLER KILLER ’’Total Fuckin’ Brutalized’’ First and second album repress, (Swe) 10euros

DRILLER KILLER ’’Fuck The World“ third album, Crustcore (Swe) 10euros

DRILLER KILLER ’’Reality Bites“ Fourth Album, Fast Crustcore. (swe) 10euros

DRILLER KILLER “And The Winner is” Fifth Album, Metal fastcrustcore(Swe) 10euros

DRILLER KILLER ’’ Cold, Cheap and Disconnected“ Metal fast Crustcore (swe) 10euros

DRILLER KILLER ’’The 4Q mangrenade“ Last album, Metal fast crustcore. (Swe) 10euros

CRIPPLE BASTARDS ’’ Your Lies in Check“ Fast old school Grindcore (Ita) 10euros

FACE DOWN IN SHIT “Shit Bloody Shit” Sludge core with Dark hardcore touch (US)10euros

BENIGHTED “Identisick” Brutal Death Re-issue Cd+DVD (FR)10euros

INTESTINAL DISGORGED “Sociopath” Psycho Grind (US)10euros

SPASM “Paraphilic Elegies” Brutal Gore grind For fans of Jig Ai (CZ)10euros

PHAZM “Cornerstone of the Macabre” Death metal with Stoner touch (FR) 10euros

MALIGNANCY “Inhuman grotesqueries” Intense brutality and Insanity!! (US) 10euros

PHOBIA “Cruel” Fast grindcore! A Must! (US) 10euros

PHOBIA “22 Random Acts of Violence” New Album (US) 10euros

DEAD INFECTION “Corpses of the Universe” MCD 8 New Trax + bonus Video 10euros

DEAD “Whorehouse of the freaks” Splattering old school grind! (Ger) 10euros

COCK AND BALL TORTURE “a Cacophonous Collection” D-CD All song recorded between 1997 and 2001. Splatter Gore (Ger) 15euros

MINCH “7”Collection 1990-2006” 132 trax of grind noise! (US) 10euros

LEVAL BLESSING “S/t” Tortured and technical death metal. (US) 10euros

DISEMBOWLED CORPSE “Chronic Disembowlment” Ultra brutal death metal (US) 10euros

RIBSPREADER “Rotten rhythms and rancid rants ( a collection of undead spew)” Old school death metal. (Swe) 10euros

LORDS OF BUKKAKE “S/t” Ultra Sludge Core. (Spa) 10euros

ELECTROZOMBIES “Hevisto” Crust Doom Sludge (Chi) 10euros

CARNIVOROUS VAGINA “Strage Cannibale” Massive death metal (Ita) 10euros

CARCASS “The gore gallery of demos” 87 to 89 demo and rehearsals trax! (Uk) 10euros


JIGSORE PUZZLE / EXIT WOUNDS Fast Hardcore Grind Oldschool / grindcore fastfury 4euros (DE/POL)

MACHETAZO / RIBSPREADER Mega grindcore Intensity / Old School Death Metal (Spa / Swe) 4euros

SPLATTER WHORE / BOWEL STEW rockNroll Gore Grind / groovy Drum Machine Gore grind (US / Bra) 4euros

SPOONFUL OF VICODIN 13 Trax of powerviolence, Female Screams, Fast and Ultime!(US) 4euros

UNHOLY GRAVE “unholy bastards” Political Grindcore! (Jap) 4 euros

AGATHOCLES / GORGONIZED DORKS Mince and Grindcore!!! (Bel/US) 4 euros

FETUS EATERS / MAGGOT COLONY Grindfury / Gore Grind (US/US) 4 euros

MINCH / SLOTH NoiseGrindNoisepower!! Excellent! (US/US) 4 euros


REVENGE “Infiltration. Downfall. Death.” Black War Metal, Last album (US/CAN) 10euros
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Distro News
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