Victimized and abused for stepping out of line, jailed and tortured just for question why...
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 NASUM - Grindcore, Suède (04.01.2006.)

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Date d'inscription : 21/04/2005

MessageSujet: NASUM - Grindcore, Suède (04.01.2006.)   Mer 4 Jan - 17:26

Voilà, voici la première interview de ce forum. Il y en aura d’autres que je posterais dans les semaines à venir.
Au passage un GRAND MERCI à Anders Jakobson pour avoir répondu sur le champ à cette interview !

Nasum [1992-2004]
Line-Up : Anders Jakobson, Mieszko Talarczyk (R.I.P.), Urban Skytt, Jon Lindqvist
Website : http://www.nasum.com

1] Hi there. First, many thanx for replying to this interview !
How are you ? What’s up this 2006 year ?

A.J. - I’m doing all right. I am eagerly waiting for the release of “Grind Finale” all over the world in a couple of weeks. That’s the big thing of 2006!

2] After the tragedy, we all think about the futur of NASUM. Then the news was here, NASUM will no longer exists!
Well, we all know that Mieszko Talarczyk was a big part of NASUM (composer, producer, etc.). But till the beginning, you also sung & take big parts to the composition of various tunes. Don’t you ever think to continue/restart NASUM ?

A.J. - No, I think that in the end it was the right solution to end NASUM with the death of Mieszko. At first it didn’t feel right to continue without him. Maybe things would have been different if we had decided to just take six months to breathe and think over the situation, but now Nasum should be seen as a thing of the past. Our legacy is the four albums and “Grind Finale”.

3] A couple of months before, I saw in the NASUM website that you were looking for some NASUM video gigs... Personally I never had the chance to see you on stage. Can we expect to see a DVD with video clips, live, bio & stuff like that ?

A.J. - No, unfortunately there aren’t enough good material (both quality wise and in the sense that it’s interesting) to put together on a DVD. It would just be a low quality product that would feel like a last chance to make money out of NASUM. If there was enough material to produce something that would be like a “Grind Finale” DVD (I mean something that covered the whole career with clips and live stuff) it would be worth it. I will continue to share live stuff and other clips on nasum.com when I have something good to share. I think that will do.

4] I think a lot of people are waiting with the cash for the “Grind Finale” final release on CD... Well I’m a big big fan of vinyls, will you do a vinyl edition of “Grind Finale” ? I heard that the CD will be limited, is it true ?

A.J. - There will eventually be a vinyl version of “Grind Finale”. Right now it’s just a matter of finding a record label that can produce something that is in the same high quality as the CD. And when the vinyl comes I imagine that it will be very limited (1000-2000 copies). Relapse says that “Grind Finale” is limited in the sense that they won’t print it forever, but I am not sure about how many copies they will do. It’s not numbered or anything.

5] Now a question about KRIGSHOT, which was one of my fav’ in all the projects you guys made. Well, do you have some unreleased tracks or something ? or can we expect for a discography on 12” or CD (12” & 7” are now really hard to find) ? If yes out on SOUND POLLUTION again ?

A.J. - We are recording a new 12” with KRIGSHOT right now. The drums and guitars were recorded early December 2005 and the bass and vocals will be recorded now in January I hope. The 12” will be released by COMMUNICHAOS (Sweden). There will probably be a discography CD with the 7”s and the comp tracks in the future, but I don’t know who will release it.

6] What’s about you/futur ? Any other project ? Will you restart NECRONY ?

A.J. - I hope to get a new band started soon. I have more or less waited for 2005 to end to get a fresh new start and get back in the game again. We have a little project called “Ex-NASUM” at the moment which is all the ex-members of NASUM playing some old school grind. 6 demo/rehearsal tracks without vocals are available at nasum.com. I hope do another session in March or something like that. A restart of NECRONY is not in my plans.

7] Again, thank you for answering to these questions, any last words to said to the french audience ?

A.J. - A big thanks to the French fans for all the support during the years, especially those who came to our shows in Rennes, Paris, Toulouse, Lyon, Limoges, Clermont Ferrand, Lille (2000), Le Mans, Nancy, Partis and Perpignan (2004).
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NASUM - Grindcore, Suède (04.01.2006.)
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