Victimized and abused for stepping out of line, jailed and tortured just for question why...
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 12" à vendre

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Date d'inscription : 29/08/2009

MessageSujet: 12" à vendre   Sam 20 Fév - 19:00

sur Paris, j'envoi partout, si vous voulez un truc MP
Y'a beaucoup de grosses merdes, je sais...

alexisonfire - crisis (pic disc)
algernon cadwallader - some kind of cadwallader (U.S. version)
alkaline trio - goddamnit (repress, half yellow/half purple w/ black speckles)
angelhair - insect mortality
archers of loaf - all the nations airports (pic disc)
aughra - proof of dark matter | light the lights (clear, wood cover)

beecher - breaking the fourth wall (clear)
bellini - small stones
beloved(us) - failure on (Dark Grey/Dark Green/Dark Gold Marble)
birthday, the - rollers romantics
birthday, the - stupid/KIKI the pixy
black cross - art offensive (clear gold 1576/2000)
black cross - severance pays (green)
black strobe - burn your own church
black strobe - I'm a man
blood brothers, the - march on electric children
blood brothers, the - young machetes (blue/black)
blue ontario, the - new frequencies ep (clear)
bollo - foot [river falls] head
bollo - s/t

cancer conspiracy, the - omega (white)
cancer conspiracy, the - the audio medium (baby blue)
capital - homefront (black)
capsule - blue (clear blue w/ black splatters, w/ cd)
cavity - laid insignificant/crawling (green cover on grey cardboard)
celeste - misanthrope(s) (white, w/ silkscreened d-side)
celeste - nihiliste(s) (clear)
celeste - pessimiste(s) (clear)
children of fall - bonjour tristesse
children of fall - ignition for poor hearts
children of fall - riding a broken vehicle
circle take the square - as the roots undo
clouds - we are above you (corn/blue)
coalesce - give them rope

daggermouth - turf wars
daïtro - laisser vivre les squelettes (orange)
dälek - gutter tactics (green & blue)
dax riggs - we sing only of blood or love (clear red, w/ cd)
deal with it - end time prophecies (clear purple w/ bonus 7")
don caballero - for respect
dot[.] - s/t
downcast - s/t

effort, the - iconoclasm (euro tour version, n°35/75)
enter shikari - take to the skies
envy - abyssal (brown/yellow melted)
envy - all the footprints (2nd press - half white/half clear red)
envy - compiled fragments1997 - 2003 (clear w/ white haze/clear w/ silver haze)
envy - insomniac doze (clear red, clear blue)
everlast - eat at whitey's
facedowninshit - npon
fall of efrafa - elil
fear before the march of flames - art damage (pic disc)
fear fall burning - the carnival of ourselves (clear, 2nd printing, ltd edition n°35/100)
fear falls burning - first by a whisper, then by a storm - special edition (81/???)
fear falls burning - frenzy of the absolute (clear w/ white haze)
fear falls burning - once we all walk through solid objects (clear)
fear falls burning - the amplifier drone (white, ltd edition)
fear falls burning - when mystery prevades the well, the promise sets fire
from monument to masses - on little known frequencies (gold)
further seems forever - how to start a fire (white)

garrison - be a criminal
genghis tron - board up the house
genghis tron - board up the house remixes vol.1 (silver w/ orange splatters)
genghis tron - board up the house remixes vol.2 (yellow w/ purple splatters)
genghis tron - board up the house remixes vol.3 (clear red w/ blue splatters)
genghis tron - board up the house remixes vol.4 (clear purple w/ yellow splatters)
genghis tron - board up the house remixes vol.5 (pink w/ green splatters)
genghis tron - dead mountain mouth (clear)
glasses - s/t (etched b-side)
godflesh - messiah
godflesh - streetcleaner (original)
growing - live (clear blue)
guilt - bardstown ugly box

hail hornet - s/t (n°018/100)
haram - drescher (clear blue)
haram - s/t (clear, silckscreened cover)
heaven in her arms - erosion of the black speckle
hella - there's no 666 in outer space (black w/ orange haze)
hewhocorrupts - ten steps to success
how we are - to teach a hundred and one (silkscreened pre-order cover, judge rip-off)

ian love - ian love (clear, 87/100)
idiot pilot - wolves
iron age - the sleeping eye (european version, silkscreened cover, clear)
iscariote - necropole trauma
isis holy tears (clear)
jonah matranga - and (orange 6/200)
jr ewing - maelstrom (pic disc)
jucifer - if thine enemy hunger (clear red)

kayo dot - dowsing anemone with copper tongue (half clear splattered blue/half solid blue)
khanate - capture & release (pic disc)
khanate - clean hands go foul (pic disc)
kid kilowatt - guitar method
kill sadie - experiments in expectation
kimya dawson - knock-knock who ? (pink)
kimya dawson - my cute fiend sweet princess (pink)
Kiss the bottle - s/T 9"
ktl - 2
ktl - 3
ktl - live in Krems April 07 (n°62/500, w/ poster)

leng tch'e - marasmus (clear green)
lvmen - raison d'être

matt baldwin, sean smith, adam snider - berkeley guitar
matthew robert cooper - miniatures (cream)
MGR - nova lux (kaki grey with orange splatters)
michael gira - song for a dog
middian - age eternal
mihai edrisch - l'un sans l'autre (clear w/ pink haze)
mihai edrisch - un jour sans lendemain
minus the bear - interpretaciones del oso (root beer float)
minus the bear - planet of ice (clear with gold splatter, tour edition)
minus the bear - planet of ice (white)
mogwai - government comissions BBC sessions 1996-2003
mongoloids, the - time trials (clear red, euro tour version n°63/120)

nadja - radiance of shadows (white, etched d-side)
nadja - touched (silver, etched d-side)
nadja - truth becomes death (gold, etched d-side)
nasum - human 2,0 (pic disc)
nasum - inhale/exhale (pic disc)
navies - an estate (white)
neurosis - short wave warfare
neurosis - the word as law
never healed - s/t (euro tour cover 2008, n°037/250, only 120 made)
new amsterdams, the - at the foot of my rival
new amsterdams, the - worse of the wear
none more black - file under black
none more black - loud about loathing
none more black - this is satire
norma jean - the almighty norma jean boxset (half/half colored version)

off minor - innominate
off minor - some blood (clear blue, w/ poster)
off minor - the heat death of the universe
okkervil river - down the river of golden dreams
on - double vision (clear red, euro version, n°042/150)
on - double vision (euro tour version, n°069/130)
only crime - to the nines
only crime - virulence
orchid - chaos is me (clear yellow)

paint it black - new lexicon (black)
paint it black - new lexicon (clear blue, euro tour cover 2008, n°075/250)
para one - epiphanie (white)
pelican - city of echoes (silver)
petethepîratesquid - don't correct me if I'm wrong
pig destroyer - terrifyer
planes mistaken for stars - we ride to fight! (clear blue/clear yellow)
poison the well - the opposite of december/tear from the red (clear blue/clear red)
poison the well - versions (white/coke bottle blue )
poison the well - you come before you (clear red)
prong - cleansing (tour edition, clear red with stencil)

regulations - s/t
relics - we owe ourselves this (clear green)
rocky votolato - burning my travels clean (clear blue w/ orange splatters)
rocky votolato - suicide medicine (clear red w/ black splatters)

serena-maneesh - s/t
set fire to flames - sings reign rebuilder
set fire to flames - telegraphs in negative/mouths trapped in static
shai hulud - a profound hatred of man (pic disc)
shai hulud - hearts once nourished with hope and compassion (pic disc)
sharks keep moving - desert strings and drifters (clear orange with black and solid orange splatters)
shellac - terraform
shit and shine - ladybird (clear red)
sigur ros - in a frozen sea boxset
since by man - pictures from the hotel apocalypse (final show edition, n°103/135)
since by man - we sing the body electric (pink)
snapcase - designs for automotion (yellow)
snapcase - end transmission (white + 7")
snapcase - lookinglasself (273/575)
snapcase - progression through unlearning (216/400)
stars, the - perfect place to hideaway
strife - angermeans (clear green, n°0717/1500)
strife - truth through defiance (clear gold)
sunn O))) & boris - altar (baby blue, w/ poster)
sweatbelly freakdown - s/t
sweep the leg johnny - going down swingin'
switchblade - s/t [2000]
switchblade - s/t [2006] (clear)

throwdown - haymaker (clear red)
tim version, the - decline of the southern gentleman (marble blue, tour version w/ silckscreened cardboard cover)
time to burn - is.land (clear)
today is the day - kiss the pig (marble grey, 2nd pressing, n°655)
tom neely - self indulgent werewolf (gold cover, n°035/130)
training for utopia - plastic soul impalement
turmoil - the process of (clear red)
tusk - the resisting dreamer (black/blue)

versoma - life during wartime
wayward, the - overexposure (tour/test press version)
windsor for the derby - we fight til death
yage - 3.-17. october 1984
yage - anders leben !?
year of no light - nord (clear purple)
zao - where blood and fire bring rest (marble brown)

Zegota - reclaim!

split burial year/zann
split chuck ragan/austin lucas - bristle ridge
split chuck ragan/ben nichols/tim barry - revival road 2008 (clear brown)
split daïtro/sed non satiata
split ghostlimb/perth express/trainwreck/zann
split jonah matranga/frank turner (yellow/brown, 74/100)
split kayo dot/bloody panda (grey with yellow splatters)
split mass movement of the moth/the catalyst - two thousand and 666 (grey)
split raw radar war/deer creek

v/a - black on black (grey)

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Nombre de messages : 242
Date d'inscription : 21/04/2005

MessageSujet: Re: 12" à vendre   Dim 21 Fév - 18:22

MP cheers
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Nombre de messages : 1
Date d'inscription : 23/02/2010

MessageSujet: Re: 12" à vendre   Mar 23 Fév - 22:53


tu peux me dire ce que tu as de dispo dans la liste et combien tu en souhaites pour chq ?
merci & à plus
celeste - misanthrope(s) (white, w/ silkscreened d-side)
celeste - nihiliste(s) (clear)
celeste - pessimiste(s) (clear)
children of fall - bonjour tristesse
children of fall - riding a broken vehicle
khanate - capture & release (pic disc)
khanate - clean hands go foul (pic disc)
today is the day - kiss the pig (marble grey, 2nd pressing, n°655)
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MessageSujet: Re: 12" à vendre   

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12" à vendre
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